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 wow i haven't posted on this thing in a while.. soo i'll give some updates.. i'm now a sophomore in college.. yeahh crazy how time flies.. I feel pretty old ahah it sucks. My freshman was easily the best time of my life.. I learned alot about myself dealing with personal choices pertaining to sex, drugs, and the people I surround myself with. & i think i grew up alot during that first year. Even though I'm still @ square one for certain things. I guess I will have to patiently wait. Because that's all you can do right? Anyways coming from an arts highschool then going to a D1 college is completely different. I miss the arts more than anyone will ever know. Its insane I watch a dance piece and i grab my ipod and start choreographing. maybe i'll transfer or maybe i'll stay ..  it should be interesting how my life plays out this next 3 years.

p.s the new journal name is after my current favorite song ..(see below) . i feel it describes me b.c i feel like i force myself to please others b e f o r e myself.